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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blackwork Embroidery

Blackwork Embroidery Blackwork Embroidery is often referred to as 'Blackwork'. It is a simple embroidery, which is done using a back thread on a white to off white fabric.

Usually done on an even weave material, Blackwork embroidery uses any ordinary black thread that has firmly twisted threads to give it a more thicker appearance.

Blackwork is a form of counted-thread embroidery and is usually stitched on even-weave fabric. Any black thread can be used, but firmly twisted threads give a better look than embroidery floss. Traditionally blackwork is stitched in silk thread on linen or cotton fabric. Sometimes metallic threads or coloured threads are used for accents

The stitches used are double running stitch (which is also called holbein stitch) backstitch, and sometimes stem stitch.

Blackwork Embroidery Technique:

To help you learn blackwork let's continue to build your library of blackwork fill patterns worked in double running stitch. This small pattern is useful for small areas of a design, and gives a dark overall effect.

This pattern breaks down basically into vertical and horizontal rows. Start working it by following row 1 on the step by step diagram above. Each stitch is worked over 1 Aida block (as shown) or 2 evenweave fabric threads.

Starting with step 2 of the diagram I have coloured all the existing stitches in this pattern in black, with the new stitches for the current row in blue. So for step 2 fill in the gaps with vertical stitches.

Repeat these steps to fill the area with the first layer of the pattern.

For step 3 we will work horizontally by working diagonal stitches (again the current row is in blue). Be careful to stitch them in the right place.

Return across the area as in step 4 to complete the pattern

Blackwork Diagram


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