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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hand Embroidery Stiches

Types Of Hand Embroidery Stiches

Assisi Embroidery Stich
Algerian Eye Stich
Alternating Cross Stich
Alternating Barred Chain Stich
Arrow stitch
Arrowhead Stitch
Arrowhead Stitch Threaded

Bargello Stich
Blackwork Embroidery Stich
Back Stitch
Back stitch threaded
Back stitch whipped
Back stitched spider's
Barb Stitch
Barred Chain
Basque Stitch
Basque Knot stitch
Basque Loop stitch
Bead edging stitch
Beaded stitch
Berlin stitch
Berwick Stitch
Blanket stitch
Blanket stitch up and down
Bonnet stitch
Braid chain
Briar stitch
Broad chain stitch
Bullion Knot
Bullion stitch
Butterfly chain Stich
Buttonhole Bar Stich
Buttonhole Wheel Stich
Buttonhole Stich
Buttonhole stitch: Bonnet
Buttonhole stitch: Buttonhole Bar
Buttonhole barb stitch
Buttonhole stitch: Berwick Stitch
Buttonhole stitch: Closed Buttonhole
Buttonhole stitch: Closed Feather stitch
Buttonhole stitch: Crossed buttonhole
Buttonhole stitch: Detached Buttonhole
Buttonhole stitch: Feather stitch
Buttonhole Stitch: Feathered up and down buttonhole
Buttonhole stitch: Mirrored (Up and down buttonhole)
Buttonhole stitch: Rosette of Thorns
Buttonhole stitch: Up and down buttonhole
Buttonhole Stitch: Up and down buttonhole feathered
Buttonhole stitch: Wheel
Bunka Shishu Stich

Casalguidi Stich
Cast on Stitch
Crewel embroidery stich
Cast on stitch Double
Castelguidi Stich
Catch stitch
Caterpillar stitch
Chain Stitch
Chain stitch Alternating barred chain
Chain stitch Barred chain
Chain stitch butterfly
Chain stitch detached
Chain stitch feathered
Chain stitch Heavy chain
Chain stitch open
Chain stitch Oyster
Chain stitch Reversed
Chain stitch Rosette
Chain stitch twisted
Chain stitch whipped
Chain stitch zig zag
Chained feather stitch
Chevron Stitch
Chevron stitch half
Chinese stitch
Closed Buttonhole
Closed Feather Stitch
Colonial Knot Stich
Coil stitch
Convent stitch
Coral knot
Coral Stitch
Couching or Simple Laid Work
Cretan Stitch
Cretan stitch: Open Cretan Stitch
Cretan stitch: Knotted Cretan Stitch
Crewel stitch
Cross Stitch
Cross stitch alternating
Cross stitch Double cross stitch
Cross stitch Half
Cross stitch Long arm cross stitch
Cross stitch Montenegrin
Cross stitch Quarter
Cross stitch Rice stitch
Crossed Buttonhole Stich
Crossed corners Stich

Daisy stitch
Damask stitch
Detached Buttonhole Stich
Detached Chain
Double Cast on stitch
Double Cross
Double knot stitch
Double Herringbone Stich
Double running stitch Interlaced
Drizzle stitch

Eyelet Stitch

Florentine embroidery stich
Feather Stitch
Filling Stitches
Feathered Chain stich
Feathered up and down buttonhole stitch
Fern Stitch
Figure eight knot Stich
Fly Stitch
Fly stitch Closed
Fly stitch Plaited
Fly stitch Reversed
Fly stitch Reversed
Fly stitch threaded
Fly stitch Whipped
Fly stitch whipped reverse
French dot Stich
French Knot Stich

German knot stitch
Ghiordes Knot
Greek stitch
Grub knot

Half Chevron stitch
Half cross stitch
Heavy Braid chain Stich
Heavy chain Stich
Herringbone Stich
Herringbone double Stich
Hardanger embroidery Stich

Indian herringbone stitch
Interlaced Running Stich

Kensington outline stitch
Kloster stitch
Knot stitch
Knotted stitch
Knotted stitch
Knotted Cretan
Knotted loop stitch
Knotted Pearl stitch

Ladder stitch
Laid Work Stich
Lazy daisy stitch
Long legged cross stitch
Long-armed Cross Stich
Long-armed feather stitch
Long-armed fly stitch
Loop stitch

Mirrored buttonhole Stich
Mirrored buttonhole feathered Stich
Montenegrin Stich
Mossoul stitch

Old English knot stitch
Open Chain Stitch
Open Cretan Stich
Open loop stitch
Outline Stitch
Oyster stitch

Padded Satin Stich
Palestrina stitch
Palestrina stitch Basque Knot
Palestrina stitch Reversed
Palestrina stitch Sorbello
Palestrina stitch Triple
Pearl stitch
Pekinese Stich
Persian stitch
Persian stitch
Plaited Slav stitch
Plaited stitch
Porto Rico rose Stich
Portuguese stitch
Post stitch

Queen stitch
Quilt knot stitch
Quarter cross stitch

Raised spider's web wheel Stich
Renaissance stitch
Reversed chain stitch
Ribbed wheel
Rice Stitch
Roman chain stitch
Rosette chain
Rosette of Thorns Stich
Running Stitch
Running Stitch- Interlaced Running Stitch
Running Stitch- Interlaced Double Running Stitch
Running Stitch- Stepped Threaded Running Stitch
Running Stitch- Threaded Running Stitch
Running Stitch- Whipped Running Stitch
Russian cross stitch
Russian stitch

Sampler stitch
Satin Stitch
Scottish Stitch
Scroll Stitch
Sham hem stitch
Single coral stitch
Single feather stitch
Single knot tufting
Single knotted line stitch
Single knotted Smyrna rug stitch
Slav stitch
Smyrna stitch
Snail trail
Sorbello Stitch
South Kensington stitch
Spider's web Stich
Split Stitch
Square chain stitch
Stalk stitch
Star eyelet stitch
Star stitch
Stem Stitch
Stepped and Threaded Running Stitch
Straight or Single Satin Stich
Stroke stitch
Surface embroidery Stich

Tall chain stitch
Tambour stitch
Threaded Arrowhead
Threaded Back
Threaded Fly Stitch
Threaded reverse fly stitch
Threaded Running
Tied coral stitch
Tied loop stitch
Tufted knot stitch
Turkey rug knot Stich
Twilling Stitch
Twist stitch
Twisted Chain stich
Twisted daisy border Stich
Twisted daisy stitch
Twisted knot stitch
Twisted Lattice Band Stich

Up and down blanket stitch
Up and Down Buttonhole stitch
Up and down buttonhole stitch feathered

Vandyke chain stitch

Whitework Stich
Wheatear Stich
Wheel stitch
Whipped attached fly stitch
Whipped Back Stitch
Whipped Chain Stich
Whipped Fly Stich
Whipped reverse fly stitch
Whipped Running
Whipped Spider's Wheel Stich
Whipped Stem Stich
Witch stitch
Worm stitch
Wound stitch
Woven Spiders Wheel
Woven spoke stitch
Woven spot Stich
Woven wheel Stich

Y stitch
Zigzag Chain Stich
Zigzag sham hem stitch


Blogger Amna said...

hey! so many stitches, never knew there were soo many, would love to see samples and instructions for all of them.

8:25 AM  
Blogger vignesh said...

Hi Amna,
Thx for visiting/commenting. Check out www.appareldesigns.blogspot.com for stitch tutorials. If you are unable to find any stitch of you interest there, let me know. I can write about it. Also, join www.embroidery.ning.com for more interaction

4:10 PM  

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