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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Half Rhodes Stitch

Half Rhodes Stitch The Half Rhodes stitch is the same as the Rhodes stitch, except the "Half Rhodes" only has 5 stitches. The addition of a small horizontal stitch, known as a bar can be used to keep the stitch neat and hold it together..

This stitch is normally stitched on evenweave fabric and requires 5 stitches and the small bar to make the Half Rhodes stitch. The Half Rhodes stitch does not work well on Aida fabric.
Start the stitch by passing the needle through the material from the back to the front at the bottom left hand side of the stitch.

Next stitch the first diagonal to the top right hand side covering squares of two, four or more threads of evenweave fabric.

Build up the stitch working anticlockwise around the square, progressing step by step until the first 5 stitches have been completed. As the stitches are added, the centre of the stitch raises up, giving the 3D effect.

Finally stitch a small horizontal stitch across the middle of the stitch (the bar). If you are stitching a series of these stitches, keep the sequence to build up the stitch, the same on each to maximise the neatness of the stitches. Sometimes the bar is stitched in a different colour to give a more interesting effect


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